Say goodbye to paper forms forever

Rapidly migrate to regulatory-compliant digital forms to increase customer happiness and improve organisational efficiencies

Still using paper in 2019?

We know you don't want to. Customers hate filling in and posting paper forms, your back office costs are increasing every year and all that manual processing is prone to error — but migrating it all to digital is an incredibly daunting task.

Amount spent per year in the US on filing, storing, and retrieving paper
KG of toxic pollution created per year from paper production in North America alone
Percentage of businesses going paperless that achieved ROI in less than 18 months

Snap to convert

Convert your paper forms to web and mobile digital forms simply by taking a photo and uploading to Hyperjump Paperless. Using a combination of machine learning and human moderation, your form will be converted in hours — not weeks or months.

Form builder

Need to create a new form? Use the Hyperjump Paperless form builder to create all sorts of forms using drag and drop.

Use cases

  • Claims form
  • Addition of benefit form
  • Health declaration form
  • Trust nomination form
  • Change of agent form
  • Change of address form
  • and many more

Personal data protection

Hyperjump Paperless never handles personal customer data directly. Data submitted through Paperless is stored on-premise at your datacenter, governed by your existing security protocols.


  • Data anonymization
  • On-premise data lake
  • End to end encryption
  • Secure Token based API access

About Hyperjump

When you partner with Hyperjump you get the benefit of a team experienced in both the fast-paced startup tech environment and the regulated financial environment.


Our team has worked in multiple regulated financial environments, we understand the requirements first hand.


Our products are built using bank-grade security standards and never retain any of your customers' personal data.


We can integrate with your existing authentication protocol removing the need for users to create new accounts.

Access & Audit

Admins can access extensive audit logs and granular controls to allow access per user per feature.

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